Business Card Flash Drives

I was contacted by the very nice people at USB Memory Direct to ask if I would like to review their products with the understanding that they would send me some free of charge. I agreed and chose the Business Card Flash Drives from many different design styles including wrist-bands, pens and power banks, to name a few. You can view the full selection here.

The style I chose was their card-flip as it allows full-colour digital printing with edge-to-edge print areas which makes it one of their most customizable flash drives. It's slim and has the same dimensions as a credit card, so it fits easily into a convenient wallet. I don't use a conventional wallet as I prefer a credit card style money holder which still works. I thought  other photographers could benefit from it for promotional purposes to get their business' name out there or to hand to clients as a rememberable keepsake which would include their contact details too!