Farmboy Fine Arts Inc Newsletter September 2010


September 2010

Focus on Wallpaper

This month's focus on wallpaper was sparked from a Russian photographer whose body of work focuses mainly on shooting interior spaces. Olga Chagaoutdinova's work is incredibly raw and in some cases, surreal. She sees beauty and art in places others might simply pass by, dismissing it as a pile of garbage. What those who pass by don't see is that, by capturing these images, Chagaoutdinova has created a window into someone's life – a reality still if you will. This feeds out base voyeuristic tendencies, and we all have them, admitted or not. How else can you explain the wild success of reality television or the popularity of websites like

Her images also tell a story about who came before – the way that people deliberately choose to decorate their space with remnants of history, of generations past. The result is something hard to recreate – a rich hodgepodge of culture, history, family, and the feeling a home creates. This feeling is what inspires the wallpaper installations Farmboy Fine Arts develops for clients.

Originally from Russia, Chagaoutdinova received her BA in Russian Language and World Literature and a certificate of History of Religion from the Pedagogical Institute in Khabarovsk, Russia in 1993. She went on to study Culturology in St Petersburg before coming to Canada to receive her BFA in Photography at Emily Carr and an MFA in Photography at Concordia in Montreal. Her work has been shown around the world, including solo shows in Cuba, Montreal, and Russia and group shows across Canada and festivals in the US.

Featured Medium • Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a unique and economical solution for transforming mundane surfaces into vivid masterpieces. Our in-house designers fine-tune and transform your image of choice onto custom-made panels of wallpaper. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities of textured and non-textured wallpaper without size limitations.

In this month's Stockyard supplement we have included a visual reference of how we get from A to Z in our wallpaper design. Click the Stockyard image below to have a look.

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Featured Farmboy Artist • David Maurice Smith

David Maurice Smith is a Canadian photographer from Whistler, BC now living and working abroad in Sydney, Australia. He moved down under for a challenge and is loving its constant inspiration and vibrant photography culture.

David shoots mostly environmental portraiture and documentary work (Salvation Army, Refugee Council of Australia are a couple of clients), however he also loves to shoot all things beautiful and that is where FBFA comes in as his outlet. David came to us through one of his mentors, a great Vancouver photographer and teacher named Jim Balderston (also a contributing photographer!). David is also super duper tall, which always gives him a good vantage point.

David has been with Farmboy Fine Arts Inc since 2008.

Farmboy Staff Picks • Fatima Travassos

We asked Farmhand Fatima Travassos, one of our designers here at Farmboy, to choose one of her favourite images from our Stockyard collection and tell us what she likes about it.

Who is the artist?
Aimee Qiu, QYA.310.00010

Why do you like it?
This is probably my favorite piece from our collection of Aimee Qiu's work. At a quick glance, a gentle eroticism is implied through the various stages of impersonal disrobing. Yet in that instant, one also notices a full blooming flower presenting itself between the buttocks of the figure on the right. The varying line weights combined with the muted tones creates a pleasant contradiction of style that unites this piece beautifully.

Farmboy Podcast

Formerly a lone ranger in a forest of pencils, Rune Davidsen is a beat-junkie with diamond-tipped needles stuck in his tonearms. All vanity aside, Rune is a complete novice when it comes to the art of mixing records. Just to set the record straight; he's not here to bring balance to the force like Darth Vader on the cross fader.

As far as a secret hideout goes, Rune is from the land of the midnight sun, otherwise known as Norway. Much like tectonic plates quakes as a gentle giant awakes, he is very much in tune with the landscape, and like to think of himself as a desolate cliff arising from foaming, dark arctic water.


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Farmboy Quote of the Month:

“Fashion passes, style remains."
- Coco Chanel




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