Farmboy Fine Arts Inc Newsletter August 2010


August 2010

Design Micro Trend – Retro Revival

Inspired by David Graham's book "Alone Together," which reveals the secretive life of a pair of solitary lovers in a collection of pictures that resound with the beauty of the windswept island they inhabited. Arthur and Nan Kellam left California and their defense industry work just after World War II, establishing a life without "the burden of abundance" on Placentia Island, just off the coast of Maine. Their small cabin was their refuge from civilization—a haven they shared only with each other—and when they left it, their home remained untouched. These intriguing photographs, showing every cup, book, and letter exactly where the Kellams left them, speak of the deep love of two people for each other and for the natural beauty around them.

A derivative of Purism, Retro Revival speaks to authenticity, nostalgia, and honest design. Just as the Kellam's wished to leave their "burden of abundance" behind them, Retro Revival is pared down to all that is humble and truthful--design that is just enough.

Featured Medium • Float Mounted Framed Art

A true realization of Luxury Lodging, this month’s featured product is showcased in our own version of a healthcare resort high in the mountains. Using your favourite images from our Farmboy Stockyard Collection, you can create your own uniquely Framed Art piece. Add elegance and a distinct gallery feel by float mounting your artwork in a shadow box frame. With Farmboy's extensive framing expertise, over 40,000 images to choose from and an endless supply of quality mouldings, your choice is limitless.

To see all of Farmboy's mediums click here.


DMY International Design Festival Berlin

Farmboy's art director Evelyn Sum recently saddled up and trekked to this year's DMY design festival in Berlin. DMY showcases pioneering products and experimental prototypes of more than 400 international designs by professional designers, studios and firms as well as process-driven and experimental works by young and upcoming designers.

This year's show was at the very expansive Tempelhof Airport in Platz der Luftbrucke.

Right before you enter the show you're welcomed by 'Tape Installation' by Croatian design collective for use/numen. It is made of tendons of transparent multi-layered adhesive tape which are stretched in organic forms that intentionally or unintentionally becomes a real life playground for adults and children alike.

Not a surprise that many of the products and elaborate booth designs fell into the Farmboy's Farmfresh trends for the year.

Many of the booths at DMY were interactive to engage visitors to play and stay for a while. Design duo Mischer'traxler's giant rolling ball run playfully featured various projects and designers from past editions of Vienna Design Week ingeniously placed together. As you watched your chocolate ball work around all the different design objects you hoped your little Viennese sweet would make it to the finish line so you could enjoy afterward.

1. Mischer'traxler
2. La Bolleur, Mini gold club
3. DMY Maker Lab


1. Gabriela Horvat from Buenos Aires mixes recyled tires, wire, cotton and felt to make beautiful organic vases and jewelery than you can morph into different shapes
2. Probably one of the best examples of hybrid furniture created today, by Studioziben
3. Concrete and Detailed objects by Doreen Westphal
4. Old and new chairs by Le Lab
5. Cloud Stools by Studio Joon and Jung
6. Leather lampshades by Pepe Heykoop which are assembled by the girls of the Tiny Miracles Foundation. Brick Chair also by Pepe heykoop.
7. Knits by Zimmer 14


1. One of the more exciting developments at the show were the sculptural forms created by inflating steel using FIDU technology patented by ETH ZURICH
2. Ceramic cup lamp by Laura Pregger at DesignLab
3. Aesthetics of science in design objects by Juliette Warmenhoven from the Netherlands
4. Knitting clock "365" by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen of UdK Berlin


1. Sujin Park, Illusion
2. FH-Potsdam, Metal Spinning
3. Daniel Schulze: In the installation "For those who see" an invisible phenomenon is designed to become a visually sensory "pixel." Corresponding to the focus of the observer, these could be viewed as a whole picture or an individual fragment, inviting contemplation and fascination.

Farmboy Props

This month's Farmboy Props go out to our own Fatima Travassos, who took time out on her honeymoon to shoot us a photo next to a section of the Berlin Wall. Next month's Design Micro Trend: East German Gum Patinas. (Just kidding!)

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Featured Farmboy Artist • Douglas Williams

Doug Williams has been a commercial and architectural photographer in Vancouver since 1983. He's shot a wide variety of subjects from executive portraits and theatre to food and interiors. "I like the variety of work that I can show at Farmboy," he says. "There's room to show some abstract images of architectural or nature details that the stock photo agencies may not be interested in. And I can display a lot of my Vancouver images as well."

Doug noticed a story on Farmboy in the University of Calgary alumni magazine and liked what the company was doing with images. "I grew up in a small town in Alberta and there was a farm in the family. It seemed like a natural fit."

Douglas has been with Farmboy Fine Arts since 2009.

Farmboy Staff Picks • Chris Read

We asked Farmhand Chris Read, one of our Account Managers here at Farmboy, to choose one of his favourite images from our Stockyard collection and tell us what he likes about it.

Who is the artist?
Alexis Gerard, AJG.400.00046

Why do you like it?
I like that someone captured the essence of a Van Gogh painting with a camera.

Farmboy Podcast

The new podcast comes from Jai Field, a BC boy through and through. Born and raised on the West Coast, he was a major contributor to the Okanagan DJ scene for the early part of the century until design school brought him back to his hometown of Vancouver, where he now lives and works. Whether it has been organizing events, promoting DJs, being a judge for the DMC competition, working on flyer designs and CD covers, or just mixing records, Jai has always had an uncanny love for hip-hop and DJ culture.

Classically trained in many instruments, music is a communication tool for Jai which bridges gaps in age, race, creed, and culture; a way for him to communicate things that can't be expressed accurately in words or images. However, as a designer and web developer, he does spend his week in the visual realm mixing graphical elements and piecing together bits of code to bring visions to reality. He brings the same hunger for creative output to his music, and while his mixes cut wildly over genres and influences, that's just the way it's supposed to be. He tends to approach it all like some rogue mad scientist; cutting and sewing pieces from various mis-matched sources until life is breathed in to the newly created abomination...and then the fun can begin.

This mix, Leisure Rules, is a Nu-funk-laden romp through summer weather, beaches, and beautiful people. Turn it up, 'cause if you're not bobbin' your head, your neck must be broken, and that must REALLY suck for you. Need a straw to drink that beer? HA! Check out his laboratory here.


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Farmboy Quote of the Month:

“An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else's."
- J.D Salinger




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