FBFA Newsletter June 2010


June 2010

Design Trend • Craft Punk

A familiar trend this year is Craft Punk. In response to new currents in design practice and the present state of the world, Craft Punk is a celebration of tenacious creative expression, unruly experimentation, and brilliantly low-tech design processes. It is characterized as a very real and rich evolution of the green ecological movement - which seems more poignant now than ever as the Gulf of Mexico faces the worst U.S. environmental disaster ever.

Craft refers to relatively simple forms and materials, and high quality through creative ingenuity and attention to detail. In contrast, Punk refers to the attitude and spirit of this trend. It suggests fearless defiance in the face of adversity (limited resources in state of economy), individuality despite pressure to conform, finding beauty in things that are imperfect, and asserting one's voice despite restricted opportunities. It is the power of creative thinking over high production values.

From sampling, collecting, assembling and recycling, Craft Punk results in a movement in art, design and fashion towards the strong statement of collage. Collage culture is seen as a breath of fresh air to end the frustration of a market saturated by repetitive, unoriginal style.

At Farmboy we see Craft Punk transpiring through the use of fresh nature-inspired coloring, images of textured material like rope, grass, embroidered patterns, different mediums like Canvas and META, and incorporation of the craft aesthetic, a feeling of self-made, one of a kind, collaged pieces of art.

Featured Medium • Canvas

Canvas may be a traditional medium, but the designs we apply to it are anything but! By breaking up a single image and applying the sections to multiple canvases, we create unique and beautiful installations. For a more traditional look, any image can be selected from our Stockyard and applied to Canvas at the size of your choice. Visit our Stockyard Collection to start choosing your images today!

To see all of Farmboy's mediums click here.


HD 2010

Another year, another successful show! We always have a fantastic time at the Hospitality Design Expo and this year was no exception. We love unveiling our new booth design and showing off the new Farmboy T-Shirt. Thanks to everyone who came by, it was great to see so many old friends and meet lots of new ones. Can't wait to do it all again next year! 344 days and counting...


Featured Farmboy Artist • Jackie Connelly

This month's featured Farmboy artist is Jackie Connelly. Jackie specializes in photographing all natural food & beverage, food lifestyle and garden photography for book publishing & editorial, and image banks & stock. She counts gardening, cooking and finding new ways to eat meat-, gluten- and dairy-free as talents.

Jackie has worked with Farmboy Fine Arts for over 3 years. She says she remembers this clearly because immediately after signing on with us, she walked out on that snowy January day and while attempting to dash across the street, slipped, fell, and broke her elbow - a day she'll never forget. Luckily for her, her brand new client was very sympathetic!

Farmboy Staff Picks • Michael Cadamia

We asked Farmhand Michael Cadamia, one of our Designers here at Farmboy, to choose one of his favourite images from our Stockyard collection and tell us what he likes about it.

Who is the artist?
Jonathan Dy, JND.100.00001

Why do you like it?
One of the things I like about Jonathan Dy's work is that often, at first glance his images register as straightforward cityscapes but if you take a closer look you realize that he's captured a surreal point of view that happens to be quite representative of our wet urban experience here in Vancouver. In this particular image he focuses on the parallel perspective of a typical Vancouver cityscape filtered through a pavement puddle reflection. In a city where the rain and grey consumes most of us eight months of the year, I like that he's found beauty in the puddles in on the pavement.

Farmboy Podcast

This month's Farmboy Podcast mix comes to us from Easton West. Thematically he goes by High Culture Low Class or HCLC for short ("It seems to fit with how I think about things"). HCLC grew up in south Florida living on a mango farm located on a small island in the Gulf of Mexico.

The island was just close enough to Miami to develop a love for the booty bass yet just far away enough that much of his creativity was based in images. Most of his time was spent honing his visual endeavours in art school. Spare time was spent with his friend's MPC 2000xl and a pirated copy of Reason, which was his first foray into electronic music. Although HCLC works mainly as a graphic designer, since graduating from art school he has tried to spend more and more time making music "be it DJing, producing or learning how to play phat basslines with my crappy midi controller." Check out his website http://www.highculturelowclass.com and his mix for this month's Farmboy Podcast!


As always, The Stockyard features some of the latest stunning
imagery from Farmboy Fine Arts to help you create custom artwork.



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Farmboy Quote of the Month:

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,
you must first invent the universe."
- Carl Sagan




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