Farmboy FIne Arts Newsletter April 2010


April 2010

Design Trend • Techno Boudoir

Give in to temptation!

Techno Boudoir is designed to appeal to the senses in an age of technology, the Internet and public life. While people are becoming more and more networked, the desire for privacy is increasing. The private sphere we seek is clearly apparent in interior design in the form of cocoon-like living spaces. However, during times of economic pressure tension exists where we are tempted to withdraw and surround ourselves with rich, opulent and even decadent spheres within a very "lesstravagent" sensible environment. It is only human nature to want what you can't have.

Derived from last year's trend Escape in that we are retreating to real and/or virtual fantasies, this time instead escaping into light fairy tale worlds we are in a darker, more sensuous mood. Techno Boudoir is about imagination, eroticism and seduction. Opulent fabrics, reinterpretations of plastics, sumptuous decorations and refinements with a nostalgic air about them are blended into a Techno Boudoir in theatrical colours. "Forbidden" colours such as absinthe and red wine are used — the bolder and less subtle, the better.

Featured Medium • EGO

We featured EGO a few months back, but we love this product so much we just can't help showcasing it again. By taking traditional mirror and adding graphic elements we put a twist on an otherwise common medium. At Farmboy we create a custom graphic for you – then silkscreen it onto a piece of glass and silver the glass behind it. You end up with a completely unique mirror with your design behind the glass. Let EGO bring the sparkle you're looking for!

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HD 2010

It's almost that time of year again! Spring is upon us, flowers are blooming, and the Hospitality Design Expo & Conference in Las Vegas is right around the corner. The FBFA team has been working tirelessly on our booth and can't wait for another great year at the show. We'll be exhibiting at HD from May 19-21 2010. We'll look forward to seeing you there! Enter our code "farmboy" and register for free here.


Featured Farmboy Artist • Mitch Catanzaro

Mitch is a freelance photographer living in Northern Virginia. He has sold hundreds of photos to a wide variety of customers. His work has been purchased by several online travel companies, international advertising and marketing corporations, and individual clients through online sales. After seeing some of his work posted on Flickr, FBFA reached out and added Mitch to their stable of photographers in 2006. He has been a regular contributor to the Stockyard ever since.

Farmboy Props

This month's props go out to our Featured Artist's daughter Katherine! While visiting Washington DC (and getting us some great Washington Monument shots) Mitch Catanzaro and his daughter paused to show their appreciation for big monuments and Farmboy Fine Arts. Thanks Katherine!

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Farmboy Staff Picks • Vaughn Balberan

We asked Farmhand Vaughn Balberan, our Director of Finance here at Farmboy, to choose one of his favourite images from our Stockyard collection and tell us what he likes about it.

Who is the artist?
Anders Hingel, AOH.100.00001

Why do you like it?
I like architectural shots. I like that it's a shot of a building with the refection of the city, and Brussels is my second favorite city in the world (Vancouver is #1).


As always, The Stockyard features some of the latest stunning
imagery from Farmboy Fine Arts to help you create custom artwork.


Farmboy Podcast

We first featured DJ Degree One back in November, and he was kind enough to make us a second mix for this month's podcast. Hailing from Victoria B.C. by way of Salt Spring Island, DJ Degree One has been a fundamental figure in the West Coast hip hop scene since 1990.

Starting off in Victoria's first recognized hip hop group, 'Sound Advice' as an M.C., he then launched the original 'Spittin' Rhymes' radio show, broadcast on CFUV 101.9fm, a much listened to weekly radio show before the age of internet music! Degree made the move to rockin' the turntables out at parties and clubs in '97. Progressing through the years he also became Victoria's premier hip-hop concert promoter. He has shared the stage with some incredible DJ's and now plays over 150 shows a year! For upcoming events and shows go to Degree's blog here.


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Farmboy Quote of the Month:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson




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