POR CHILE by Citypulse Artists in Arts & Photography

In February 2010 a devastating earthquake followed by tsunami destroyed part of the territory of Chile, dragging villages, livelihoods and -most painful- lives. POR CHILE is an effort by the artists linked with CITYPULSE to help rebuild part of the loss. The images and texts that make up this work represent a message to Chile from each of the 38 photographers around the world who has collaborated with this initiative.

The contribution of the artists also includes a limited 5 print series of each of the photographs. An audio CD by 14 musicians and a collaborative video by 20 visual artists are also part of the project. All the profits will go to help the victims.

Buy the book here: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/por-chile/10377022

Link to the full preview: http://issuu.com/citypulse/docs/porchile

In a few days the the microsite for the project will be launched: www.porchile.net


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thanks Paul, your image is overwhelming