Citypulse for HAITI and CHILE

Two major earthquakes shook the western hemisphere early this year. Haiti first, then Chile. The scale of destruction makes any relief effort necessary. In an attempt to contribute Citypulse has organized two special projects to benefit the victims of both countries:

HAITI citypulse is a visual testimony of a group of photographers who portrayed pre-earthquake Haiti: a symbolic legacy of the state of things we want to help rebuild. Available for online ordering [paperback, digital] here.

ARTISTS: Edward Cheng [USA] / Dimitri Rousseau [Haiti] / Barbara Kaja Kaniewska [Poland] / Sebastián Utreras [Chile] / Guillermo Casas [Spain] / Stephen DeVries [USA] / Andy Kennelly [USA] / Clovis-Alexandre Desvarieux [Haiti] / Giulio Napolitano [Italy] / Noah Bolanowski [USA]

Additionally, during the first half of April we will release POR CHILE, a special edition of Citypulse built from images of 35 artists from all continents, each sending a message to Chile. A limited 5 copies series for each photography will be available for sale also. A special edition of the book will include a CD with audio tracks contributed by friends musicians of Citypulse.

All profits from both projects will go to help the victims in each country

[images of the HAITI citypulse cover by Sebastián Utreras]