My image on BBC's QI with Stephen Fry

While watching QI on BBC1 tonight, (we're fans of Stephen Fry and his team) one of my images appeared on his large illustration screen to demonstrate the topic in question. I'm chuffed because Fry is one of my favourite TV personalities (I don't have many). I couldn't have asked for my imagery to have appeared on a better show. So, thank you to the QI gremlins for choosing that image.

I follow Fry on Twitter, if you don't know what Twitter is, you need to go to and see for yourslef. Stephen Fry's page can be found here:

I sent Fry a personal message on Twitter to thank him for using my image on his show. Im a little embarrassed (ok, quite a lot) at my compulsion to blog the fact that I got a reply from him, which was:
"No, no - we thank YOU x
Stephen Fry / stephenfry"
If it were anyone else but Fry, I wouldnt have bothered to blog it.

Watch the show here