Ansal Adams Interview Videos

Ansal Adams - '...the negative is the score, and the print is the performance'.
I agree with Ansal in that the end result can be quite far from what was originally seen and captured. My own minds eye has a vision or version of that 'scene' which I know how to manipulate; sometimes drastically from the 'original' and sometimes very subtly, to convey my minds eyes view of the scene. I sometimes go back to look at negatives (and positives) and begin again, this time with new eyes and a new outcome in mind, which becomes a new 'performance' of the original 'score'.

Ansal is still regarded as one of the worlds greatest photographers. He invented 'the zone system' which is a photographic technique for determining optimal film exposure and development, formulated by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in 1941. The Zone System provides photographers with a systematic method of precisely defining the relationship between the way they visualize the photographic subject and the final results. Although it originated with black and white sheet film, the Zone System is also applicable to roll film, both black and white and color, negative and reversal, and to digital photography.

Ansal Adams Video (Part 1)

Ansal Adams Video (Part 2)