Cooklin Signs with Farmboy Fine Arts Inc

About FBFA - Why We're Different
We actually are farm boys, born and raised in Western Canada, in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Our heritage says a lot about who we are as people, and it says even more about how we treat our clients. We're approachable, professional and passionate about what we do. We value a strong work ethic, never shy away from a challenge, and surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. Our holistic approach to art and design means we value forward thinking and collaboration. Time and again, clients choose Farmboy Fine Arts because of who we are as people and the work we deliver.

Winning Awards
FBFA works with over 45 of the world’s top 75 design firms (2008 poll), has over 300 active clients and has delivered work to nearly 650 hotels in the last 4 years.

What We Do
Much like our name, Farmboy Fine Arts is anything but ordinary. We are an integrated art and design company that develops site-specific artwork and design objects for hospitality, healthcare, retail, casinos and corporate environments.

Our holistic business model means we work collaboratively on every project, leveraging our substantial relationships with artists, designers and manufacturers from around the globe to deliver contemporary artwork on time, and on budget. Think of Farmboy as your branding partner, one who understands your creative vision and works with you to develop the perfect blend of artwork and design to complete your aesthetic identity.

Our design approach translates into greater selection, unique concepts and quick turnaround times for our clients. We specialize in developing fresh, contemporary artwork designed specifically for your environment and budget.