'Middy', Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Co.

The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, known affectionately as 'The Middy' was a classic case of a railway built later on in the great railway age that never paid its way. Indeed, it effectively went broke before it opened but still managed to struggle on for 50 years! This fine example of quirky English history is remembered in Suffolk's only railway museum, also called the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Co., which is dedicated to keeping the memories alive the memories of the Middy.

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Cooklin Signs with Indigo Art

If you book in to a top quality hotel in pretty much any of the world's major cities these days, the chances are that you will be surrounded by artwork, designed to add an element of sophistication to the proceedings and to enhance the interior design. In recent times what is hanging on the walls is just as likely to be photography as it is to be one of the more traditional art forms, a change that has come about as attitudes regarding what constitutes a valid artwork have relaxed and photography has become more widely accepted and appreciated.

Indo Art, which is one the UK's biggest suppliers of bespoke artwork to the hotel, leisure and corporate sectors, confirms that things have changed dramatically, and that this in turn has opened up opportunities for photographers who are shooting material that is geared towards this highly specialised part of the market.

Indigo Art have selected 9 pieces from Cooklin's fine art photography collection titled 'Water Reeds'. These images were shot at Lopham Fen in Suffolk using medium format black and white film. The images were self-developed, scanned and creatively enhanced in Lightroom to give a moody atmospheric look.