Macro - Abstracts - Boiled Film

I tried developing Ilford Delta 3200 in Rodinal which is typically not
a good idea due to the excessive grain combination of Rodinal with a
high speed film.

However, when rinsing I set the water temperature to 20 degrees (68F)
and let the room for 15 mins. When I came back, the water was hot! The
cold tap had ran to a trickle and it was flushing hot water through
the film tank!! Not a good idea. I expected the whole film to be
wasted. I hung the film up to dry as normal and could see that the
film looked "ok", it had a few discolouration marks no doubt caused by
the boiling of the film. I was surprised to see this morning that some
of the shots actually came out "ok".

Sure, there's grain, more than my normal PanF plus, which is only to
be expected for a high speed film but I dont mind it. I'll try Delta
3200 with Rodinal again and this time try not to boil the film :)

Ilford Delta 3200
Rodinal 1+25 11min @ 20C
Rinsed with 20C water for some time and then boiled!