Photographic Magic

"From an early age I can remember my Dad vanishing to the loft, a place I wasn't allowed to visit. After hours and sometimes days he would come down from the loft clutching a few black and white pictures and have a gratified smile on his face.

One day I was invited up to the loft on the condition that I didn’t leave for a while. I remember there was a strange smell in the air and the room was lit by a red light. There were all kinds of trays, equipment and discarded pictures struned over the counters.

After a while of paper dunking from tray to tray and the use of a strange apparatus which shone a light on to the paper, I could see, as if by magic, a picture appear!

It was many years later that my passion for creating imagery of my own would take hold. I originally began my career as a digital artist in 2000 after spending most of my twenties travelling, including 8 years in Hong Kong.

With the new technologies available to me today, my preferred tools are a digital SLR and a medium format film camera and of course the ubiquitous Photoshop."