Picture Business Editorial

FRAMES 4 CORNERS commissioned digital artist Paul Cooklin to create pieces suitable for its frames, the limited edition prints have a kaleidoscopic effect when presented in a 90-degree angle. Director Brendan Donohue said, "One evening I was watching TV and thought the corner wall in our living room looked blank. I designed the corner frame without knowing how I was going to produce it. It has taken four years to get here."

Frames 4 Corners attracted a lot of interest with its innovative picture frames designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room. The right-angled frames are produced using materials supplied by Arqadia with a single acrylic sheet instead of glass.

Brendan Donahue showing off Cooklin's limited edition Giclee prints with his unique corner frames. Frames 4 Corners also entered its innovative design into the Picture Business Award 2007.

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