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FRAMES 4 CORNERS commissioned digital artist Paul Cooklin to create pieces suitable for its frames, the limited edition prints have a kaleidoscopic effect when presented in a 90-degree angle. Director Brendan Donohue said, "One evening I was watching TV and thought the corner wall in our living room looked blank. I designed the corner frame without knowing how I was going to produce it. It has taken four years to get here."

Frames 4 Corners attracted a lot of interest with its innovative picture frames designed to fit neatly into the corner of the room. The right-angled frames are produced using materials supplied by Arqadia with a single acrylic sheet instead of glass.

Brendan Donahue showing off Cooklin's limited edition Giclee prints with his unique corner frames. Frames 4 Corners also entered its innovative design into the Picture Business Award 2007.

T: +44 (0)1525 714814

Saatchi Gallery Showdown

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Hello - I am entering the Saatchi Gallery Showdown and would appreciate your support by voting for my work. It's really simple, just click on the link above and score the piece you see out of 10 [10 being the highest]. I'll be entering a new piece each week and hope, with your help, to win one of the showdowns.

With the recent birth of our first son, Rafe [see Rafe pics here] coupled with my need for more work space, we need a bigger home. We are hoping the prize money will help with the expansion.

Many thanks for your support and wish me luck.

'Watercoleur Park'

View Watercouleur Park, 2007, by French artists group Qubo Gas - the 11th commission in Tate's Net Art Programme.

Watercouleur Park is an interactive graphic composition made of layers of drawings. Like a digital landscape formed by a series of Haikus - short visual and musical poems - it constantly evolves at its own rhythm.

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