The Stone Roses


Paul Cooklin said…
I created a huge oil on canvas a few years ago as a cathartic process to relieve some stress - as you do - and it's been hanging on my office wall ever since.

It was painted at a friend’s studio where it was strapped to a large wall with gaffer tape as no easel was big enough. It allowed me to let loose and really go for it without worrying about restrictions. I used untold amounts of paint (thanks Carol, do I owe you anything?) and a piece of rubber which I used to slap the raw paint on to the canvas with large sweeping strokes. I mixed colours together which gave an interesting 'oil like' affect.

This image is taken with my new Canon EOS 5D (oooh, brand dropping, no really, you should get one, exellent camera and it's stock agency lab approved). I changed to colours in Photoshop and also added a few layers to increase the intensity in areas.

I might get this printed as a Giclee and added to the gallery collections, what do you think?

Carol Elsip - great artist, see
Paul Cooklin said…
...I've so far come up with 'The Stone Roses' as a title because it reminds me of one of their album covers, well, kinda.