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We have just launched a new area in our online magazine called 'Artist Choices'.
In 2006 invited a selection of some of our most talented and well-liked artists to curate an online exhibition. Each selector was given the task of bringing together an exhibition of works which would give insight into their own work, and acknowledge the work of their respected contemporaries.
To create their exhibition, each invited artist was asked to choose ten or more, from over ten thousand artworks exhibited on Londonart. They were also invited to include one of their own artworks to introduce and lead their exhibition, and to supply an informal introduction and context to their choices. My Favourite Choices aims to promote, acknowledge and compliment all of the artists involved - from the selectors to the selected.
Has your work been selected?
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Your Artist Admin contains some really straightforward instructions, advice and information on exhibiting with us. Designed to keep us in touch with you, and put you in touch with each other, the Network is your area to talk to each other and us.

The team has all been working really hard to help raise the profile of Londonart. Already established as Britain's largest art website representing over 950 selected contemporary artists online, we are dedicated to helping you exhibit and sell your work. Each week we send out two newsletters to our growing number of clients from home and abroad. We actively promote your work via press releases, publication and word of mouth and do the best we can to raise every single one of our artists' profile. You could help us by simply talking about us. When was the last time you sent an artecard or told a friend or colleague that they could see your work exhibited on