Corporate Art can provide large scale contemporary art for all corporate and commercial environments. Restaurants, offices, hotels and property developments can benefit from a trade account which offers discounted rates for multiple orders.For more information on what modern art can do to enhance your environment or to discuss a business account, please contact us or simply purchase online...

Contemporary Art :: creates contemporary art using a combined blend of digital photography and digital imagery. We offer you a piece of inspirational imagination perfectly wrapped as contemporary art.

Original Art :: The online gallery exhibits original art which can turn a dull space in to a unique one. Each piece is a limited edition of only 25 per size.

Canvas Art :: If you're tired of looking around high street stores for the same old canvas art, why not hang something original on your walls. At we offer something a little different. Modern Art :: These unique pieces of modern art have been passionately created by Paul Cooklin. Modern digital art is a new medium of artistic expression and one which has become widely recognised as the new oil on canvas.

Abstract Art :: Allowing your mind to create its own picture is one of the reasons why abstract art is so appealing as it allows the viewer to explore their own creativity.

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