Cooklin signs with Acrylicize

We are delighted to announce the collaboration of Acrylicize and you will be able to buy Cooklins unique imagery on acrylic canvas. If you would like to see some examples and find our more info about the fantastic new medium, checkout for more info.acrylicize... was established in September 2003 by graduates Dan, James and Paul. They saw that the art world was failing to catch up with the fast-moving pace of contemporary design and their vision was to provide the market with a fresh new concept for artwork that filled the void and blurred the boundaries between art and design.Their invention of the acrylic canvas was immediately hailed as the 'next generation of art' and the team are now beginning to shape the industry. Winning the BIDA 'best product' award propelled the company into the limelight giving the three graduates the impetus and confidence to create one of the most talked about art and design companies in the UK.The acrylicize... team endeavour to evolve and progress by constantly embarking on new creative projects. This forward-thinking philosophy has resulted in acrylicize... tackling interior design projects in Europe, the USA and the Middle East whilst catching the attention of the national and international press.    

Cooklin Signs with Prime Arts

Cooklin is featured on the first page of Prime Arts 2006 catalogue after signing with them in Feb 2006. Prime Arts showcase 6 pieces of Cooklin's modern art at the NEC Spring Fair. The new 2006 collections offered by Prime Arts can be seen in their 2006 catalogue.

Corporate Art can provide large scale contemporary art for all corporate and commercial environments. Restaurants, offices, hotels and property developments can benefit from a trade account which offers discounted rates for multiple orders.For more information on what modern art can do to enhance your environment or to discuss a business account, please contact us or simply purchase online...

Contemporary Art :: creates contemporary art using a combined blend of digital photography and digital imagery. We offer you a piece of inspirational imagination perfectly wrapped as contemporary art.

Original Art :: The online gallery exhibits original art which can turn a dull space in to a unique one. Each piece is a limited edition of only 25 per size.

Canvas Art :: If you're tired of looking around high street stores for the same old canvas art, why not hang something original on your walls. At we offer something a little different. Modern Art :: These unique pieces of modern art have been passionately created by Paul Cooklin. Modern digital art is a new medium of artistic expression and one which has become widely recognised as the new oil on canvas.

Abstract Art :: Allowing your mind to create its own picture is one of the reasons why abstract art is so appealing as it allows the viewer to explore their own creativity.

Spring Fair with Prime Arts

This years Spring Fair (March 2006) was a great success for Cooklins' modern art. Interior designers are running with the new modern trends and the demand for "something different" is increasing. Cooklin's art made it to the first page of the Prime Arts 2006 catalogue amongst the many which was a delight to see.

PR - Symmetry and Abstraction

Digital Art has now become a recognisable art form and medium as technology has provided new ways for artists to bare their soul and explore their creativity. This new expression allows artists to use a multitude of techniques before arriving at their final piece which could include photography and photographic manipulation, scans and pure free flow using one of many professional drawing packages. The same principles of quality and skill still apply to these new creative forms as any other medium and should be treated accordingly. Like traditional art, digital art can take many weeks and months to create and perfect...
Much of Paul’s inspiration is drawn from his travels and surroundings. From the gentle landscapes of his current home in Suffolk to the striking juxtaposition of technology and nature that is particularly prevalent in Asia, where he lived for 8 years. It is these experiences that give rise to the fascinating coexistence of colour and shape in his work.